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Democrats and Republicans fight in the latest battle of the narrative wars. In depth review of the Peter Strzok Congressional hearing.   Follow @BoogieBumper
July 16, 2018
Recent shifts in the Brexit debate have caused frictions for Theresa May.   Follow Varun @ParadigmEmerges
July 9, 2018
Varun discusses USA immigration, rhetoric and the latest in European news. Follow Varun on Twitter  
July 2, 2018
 We're back!   On tonight's agenda; sexist tax cuts, Spanish socialism, Italian populism, Iran deals and Vlad  
June 8, 2018
Adam Jay and Tom Shadilay join DW to discuss the recent alleged attack in Syria and the Atlantic's hiring of Kevin Williamson. Is there a shifting paradigm in effect? Contact Tom Shadilay Contact Adam...
April 8, 2018
The TCD team discuss Omnibus and Stormy Daniels
March 25, 2018
Adam Jay and Damien discuss the firing of Andrew McCabe, the recent election in Pennsylvania, tarrifs and more. Follow Adam Jay @TedDabrowski Follow Damien on Twitter @BoogieBumper And Gab @BoogieBum...
March 17, 2018
The world of social media shrinks with each hasty use of the block button. We create a form of inward self censorship and begin to form localized echo chambers around ourselves. In this clip, we explo...
March 13, 2018
Independant journalist Daniel Barron interviews Damien Whyte over Periscope. A wide ranging conversation involving North Korea, Trump, Star Wars and Cheese! Follow Daniel Barron on Twitter @theantiant...
February 19, 2018
Adam Jay shares some thoughts on the release of the controversial FISA court memo and answers some listener questions.   To catch future Adam Jay Livestreams, follow on Twitter and Periscope @TedDabr...
February 4, 2018

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